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"Diamonds are a girl's best friend", Marilyn Monroe was singing this song in one of her many films and she was right! Diamonds have always been in a special place among women. With a diamond it is possible to pin point the most important stages in a woman's life. As men are attracted by fast cars or technological gadgets, 10 out of 10 woman will stop outside a jewellery shop to browse its windows.

Now from the comfort of our own homes, it's possible with a click of a mouse to go online and look at a website safely and discreetly. Infinity of London with its 18 years of experience and expertise has made it possible to buy diamond jewellery with the options to choose from a variety of models and with the opportunity to customise them selecting the kind of metal, the carat of the stones, the purity and colour in order to suit all price ranges.

With Infinity of London, surprising that special person in your life, will be easier without leaving the house or the office and have it delivered in nice packaging without spoiling the surprise. Every piece of jewellery comes with a certificate from one of the major Gemological Associations like the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), International Gemological Institute (IGI), the HRD and AnchorCert.

Infinity of London is based in Hatton Garden in London, the heart of the jewellery quarter where diamond trade has been present since medieval times and the jewellery is of the highest quality. The absence of an outlet, the fact that our materials are sourced at our sister company results in lowering the prices while maintaining superb craftsmanship and finishing.

It is very easy to navigate the Infinity of London website. All our ranges are divided in categories and the pictures will help make the perfect choice for an engagement ring, a wedding ring or any other piece of jewellery.

And if you don't find what are you looking for on our website, no problem, contact us with a picture or a sketch of what you would like and with our in house goldsmiths and setters we will make that one off piece just for you.

Diamonds are the most precious stones and there is some information you will need to know before embarking on a major purchase: The price of a diamond is determined by the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. The sum of these factors will give you the 5th C, Cost. For the same price you might buy either a big diamond a bit flawed (visible only under a microscope) and not very white or, a smaller diamond but perfect in colour and clarity. All these factors will make the piece of jewellery unique and ready to be an heirloom for future generations.

Gemological Institute of America International Gemmological Society AnchorCert Gem Lab HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemmology
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