Synthetic And Natural Diamonds: How To Distinguish Them

Today's diamond market is dividing into two distinct sections, the sale of natural diamonds and the sale of synthetic diamonds. In jewelery shops, the second aspect is increasingly present, perhaps for economic reasons, with a fairly low budget, it is possible to buy a ring with synthetic diamonds at a good quality-price ratio. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, must respect certain characteristics and be accepted by the Kimberley Process, which since 2000 has been discussing the problem...


The Relationship Between Man And Precious Stones

The relationship between man and precious stones has its roots in the very origins of our species. Ivory pendants and pearls, for example, considered today as gems, spread about 35,000 years ago. Some time ago they certainly had a magical or symbolic connotation, with time it acquired the importance we attribute today, that is to say, to wear them as a personal ornament. So they were connected to the identity of the person or social integration, something like an expression of their origin...


Summer And Jewels

With the arrival of the beautiful season we certainly don't want to give up our jewels. Summer and jewelry don't seem to get along very well. But if you follow my advice, you can wear it without problems. I see a lot of women and girls wearing them even at the beach or in the pool. That's why I decided to dedicate this post to give advice to follow so as not to ruin our jewels and always be on top even on hot and sunny days.

Unfortunately, we know the heat and the water of the sea ...


Boxing Championship And Infinity Of London With Its Jewels

Boxing Championship and Infinity of London with its jewels

On May 12, 2019 Infinity of London was the protagonist of an exceptional event: the European Boxing Championship which saw the Italian team compete against the Irish one. Infinity of London participated and put its signature at this event giving all the athletes in the race a silver pendant in the shape of a boxing glove.

The two collaborators E. and E. took part in the event, photographing and filming every moment ...


Engagement Ring For Men: The Secrets To Surprise Him.

Engagement ring for men: the secrets to surprise him.

Usually, men give their women an engagement ring. But if we women want to give him an engagement ring for men or a jewel that reminds us of our promise of love, what would be the steps to follow and the jewels suitable for him? We also think of a homosexual couple where one of the two wants to present himself and crown his dream of love. Let's discover the secrets together.

The culture and tradition of giving a ring to y...


Crystal Therapy: Which Gem Is Associated With Your Sign?

Crystal therapy: which gem is associated with your sign?

Each zodiac sign has its own associated precious stone. What is your sign and what benefits can the gem dedicated to your zodiac sign bring? Crystallotherapy has the function of expressing the validity and function of gems and precious stones based on one's personality, or rather, strengthening one's personality.

Since ancient times, man has always been fascinated by stars and planets. With an upturned nose, man has a...


My Diamond Is True Or False: How Can I Understand It?

My diamond is true or false: how can I understand it?

How can I tell if my diamond is real or fake? Today scams, unfortunately, are the order of the day and we can incur it, particularly, if we buy online from resellers not reviewed by independent sites; that do not issue gemological certifications that we can check on the official website of the certifying laboratory; that do not guarantee their payments through Paypal, bank transfers or that do not allow cash payments for recipie...


Diamanti Neri: Eleganza A Prezzi Contenuti.

Black diamonds: elegance at reasonable prices.

Black diamonds have always been fascinating because it is rare to think of diamonds of a different color than white. Diamond is the substance or rather the most durable mineral that exists in nature, it is the hardest among gems or precious stones. Its brilliance, durability and rarity make the diamond the most expensive, indeed, among the gems. So much charm and interest belongs to no stone, if not to the diamond.

Most diamond...


Full Eternity Ring: A Timeless Jewel.

Full eternity ring: a timeless jewel.

The full eternity ring is a timeless ring model, suitable for all the personalities of women and all ages. This model is an eternal round of diamonds, a circle with no beginning and no end full of elegance. We are at the beginning of the 1400s, to be exact in 1477 when the archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to his wife Maria di Borgogna. Since then, the value and meaning of diamonds has had ups and downs, until in 1947 a large j...


Magic Ring: A Magical Effect With A Few Pounds.

Magic ring: a magical effect with a few pounds.

The magic ring is perhaps one of the most appreciated rings for its particular shape and its effect that helps to give brightness to a timeless piece of jewelry. The ring is particular because from a distance it appears to be a solitary ring with a large central stone of at least 1ct. If you look closely, you will realize the magic effect of this ring: a series of diamonds close together to create a unique and precious jewel.


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