Bespoke Jewels

Bespoke Jewels

Today we will talk about the special section of Infinity of London, named those of the Bespoke Jewels or Bespoke Design. In this special section, available at the bottom of the home page and at the following link , you can create magnificent pieces of unique jewelry.

I'll explain how it works. If in our vast collection of jewelry you have not found what makes your heart beat or you have in mind a particular jewel that you have seen during a trip, in a jewelry store or someone else, or is the result of your personal idea and would you like to make it, Infinity of London is for you. Just send an email to our always available and really expert customer service that will help you. In this email you can include photos or attachments of jewelry that you have seen around or even some ideas you have in mind to make your jewel comes true. Production times are the same as for particular realizations. So in three or four working weeks plus 24/48 hours for delivery depending on the area, your only jewel will be in your hands and you can show off proudly that the idea is yours and personal and certainly not found on other people.

Our team of goldsmiths and jewelers is really expert and will be for you. Our laboratory cooperates with the most modern and advanced systems of graphic production of jewelry. If you have a budget in mind within which to stay do not forget to communicate it to customer service, so we will take it into account and you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

Even a special engraving inside the ring's shank can be considered a bespoke jewel and re-enter in the Bespoke Design section. An Italian customer R. M. asked if it was possible to engrave inside the stem a hummingbird symbol of their eternal love. So we made this wonderful request without any problems.

Another very kind Italian customer M. C., already our customer and very satisfied with the service received, asked to make a bookmark for a baptism. Our collaborator E. made a sketch of the project following the indications of Mrs. C. After the approval of the project by the customer, our goldsmith P. made it completely handmade. The result was a beautiful bookmark in 925 silver with a pointed end and a M in 18kt yellow gold on the top that protruded from the pages of the book. On the front and back of the bookmark there were also some engravings in Latin and a dedication in Italian for the baby. Mrs. M. C. was really satisfied and even the parents of the recipient of the gift were very happy.

Another German customer A. M., also an old customer of Infinity of London, asked us to create a truly unique and special jewel for his wife. We at Infinity of London are very proud of it, because in just two weeks we managed to make a matched tennis bracelet combined with a bracelet of colored sapphires. The result was truly impressive and left us speechless, especially A. M. and his wife. A. M. contacted us by writing an email in which he said he saw a bracelet in an old newspaper. He had tried to contact the German company but was no longer active in the world of jewelry, so he turned to us, aware of the fact that we could do for him. After a careful analysis of the jewel, a study of the type of material to be used and the type of setting and after having agreed on the price with the customer, our goldsmith masters got to work and created a tennis bracelet in 18kt white gold with a diamond carat weight of 1.58ct total quality F VS and for a total, think about it, of 16.70ct of colored sapphires from the soft pastel tones that varied from white to blue through pink. These sapphires, belonging to the family of the Corundum mineral, oval in shape set in an oval setting that allows to glimpse even more the beauty and color of the same through the thin claws (parts that support the stones) very thin.

Finally, the latest creation of Infinity of London, of which we are equally proud, is the tennis degradé series created for the English customer S.T. The lady contacted us with a very specific idea that included the creation of a tennis necklace, similar to the bracelet tennis in the closure and mounting, but degradé that is with the front diamonds, those in the visible part of the larger necklace and then went to climb in the sides with smaller and smaller diamonds. The result was a piece of high jewelry really elegant and refined with a total weight of 12.58ct and 60cm long. In order to make this tennis series degradé it took several weeks of work and after about three and a half weeks S. T. could show off her beautiful jewel on the anniversary of her wedding.

Anyway, whatever your choice or the idea of ??personalized jewelry that you can have in mind, do not miss the opportunity to create a unique and special jewel that leaves a precious memory to your half of the sweet feeling that unites you, Infinity of London will be able to assist you better.

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