Infinity Ring: the eternal bond of Infinity of London

The Infinity ring is the symbol of the continuity of a bond and lasting feelings. Completely handmade in 925 silver and embellished with Crystal Brillanté it is the perfect gift to celebrate the eternal bond that unites us to the person to whom this gift is destined. This jewel is available in the silver section . Silver used in  our Infinity ring is precious and handmade by goldsmith artists.

The term 'silver' comes from the Latin argentum and from the Greek αργ?ριον, linked to αργ?ς "shining, white, white". Silver gives its name to Argentina, a nation of South America, and its main river, the Río de la Plata - from its Spanish name, plata. Silver is found in nature both in its native state and combined in compounds with sulfur, arsenic, antimony or chlorine in various minerals (for example, argentite or argentopyrite). Silver deposits are found in Canada, Australia and the United States, but the highest production in the last two centuries was in Mexico from the Guanajuato mine. Mexico is the world's leading silver producer, with 186.2 million ounces produced in 2016, followed by Peru and China. Like all precious materials, silver has a title. By title we mean the percentage of pure silver present in the metal alloy that makes up a jewel. The silver bullion is normally 999/1000, the alloy is composed of 99.9% pure silver. Most of the jewels and objects for the home have instead title 800, 835 and 925. These numbers indicate the minimum percentage of pure silver which, combined with other metals, makes up the object. In each country there are regulations on brands that must be reported on silver objects to guarantee buyers. For example, in England already in 1544 the symbol of silver is represented by a lion passing to the left. In Italy there were different symbols and systems depending on the periods and the domination; after the unification of Italy the various punches of the pre-unification states were suppressed. Later, in 1872, an optional warranty punch was introduced, a woman's head with crown and scepter with numbers at the base: the number 1 at the base indicates the title 950, the number 2 the title 900, the number 3 the title 800 .

Silver lends itself very much to the creation of jewelry, giving life to collections suitable for every buyer and budget. In fact, silver is suitable for last-minute gifts, since its production and availability are quicker, compared to gold, but without renouncing to the symbolic value of the jewel that is being gifted away. The Infinity ring, as well as all the silver creations from Infinity of London, are subjected to antioxidant and hypoallergenic treatments so as to make all the jewels of our collection durable over time.

Symbolism often recurs in our everyday world, through the symbols we express in fact more complex concepts or messages to the person to whom it is intended. A heart, like a pendant or a ring, represents love, affection and passion: we often decide to give it to express all these feelings contained in a simple ring or pendant in the shape of a heart. The symbol of the infinite wants to communicate continuity, interminability, immensity of one's own feelings: one swears through it to always be there for the other person. The Infinity ring is all about that, it is a set of emotions that the founder David H. wanted to express by paying homage to the birth of his daughter. The Infinity ring is the unconditional love of a father towards his daughter, represents the passion between two lovers: he wants to be an endless hug, like the arms of two people united forever. The Crystal Brillanté, on it for a total weight of about 0.15ct, emanate a very natural white light and shine every time to remind us of our beloved, more if we decide to engrave a sentence of love inside. This ring can also be given to your best friend or to your mother, there is nothing more pure and true of the deep bond of love that unites two friends or a mother to a daughter.

The Infinity ring, in fact, can be a gift idea to give to your mother for the upcoming Mother's Day. If you do not know what the right size is, click here to find out all the fundamental steps or contact our customer service. A very sweet idea and that would make the ring even more bespoke would be to request to engrave a phrase inside the ring dedicated to your Mum.

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