Solitaire Rings at amazing prices!

Solitaire rings unbeatable prices! Infinity of London, a British company founded in the 2000s, creates collections with more competitive prices than jewelry shops by offering certified diamonds. Price starts from 290.25£, visit our website and browse our collections!

What are the fair prices for Solitaire Rings? The solitaire ring is the first ring that is given to a woman to swear eternal love. The characteristics that vary prices are varied. The carat of the metal can be 18ct, 14ct or 9ct: an 18ct gold frame is the best you can choose because it consists of eighteen gold components and six alloy components. The diamond carat is subjective and based on your budget, you can choose a diamond that starts at 0.10ct until you get to a stone for a solitaire of even 1.00ct. The quality of the diamond is the last characteristic that varies the price composed by the combination of color and purity. Based on the color scale, the diamond with the whitest color is indicated with the letter D until the yellowest one indicated with the letter Z, following the alphabetical sequence. The colors related to a medium-high quality are: F, G, H and I. Diamonds with these colors are however white and not tending to yellow, the yellow ones start with the letter K or L. Finally, the purity is indicated following the nomenclature in English that indicate the natural inclusions of the diamond. By inclusions we mean the natural imperfections of the stone, which are not visible to the naked eye. The reference scale starts from FL - Flaw Less (i.e. without imperfections) up to I3 - Inclusions 3 (ie Inclusions level 3) so the imperfections are quite visible through a magnifying glass. The medium-high quality, from the point of view of purity, is indicated by VS - Very Small (very small inclusions) or SI - Small Inclusions (small inclusions). On our site we have a section dedicated to the care of the diamond that I would suggest you to read it in order to know the basic steps to clean and take care of your jewelry.

Now let's talk about the model choice, the most difficult task since there are thousands of different solitaire rings suitable for different personalities.

For a woman who wants to wear a diamond ring in any circumstances, a solitaire ring is definitely recommended with a rubover setting: that is, a ring where the diamond is stuck in the frame like the R127 model, a best seller of the Infinity of London collection. This ring model has been designed by Christian Dior. It has been created in the beginning of the 50s and it is undoubtedly a timeless ring. It is an original ring that barely disagrees women from different tastes. The frame wraps the finger with about 4.00 grams of gold ending hugging a diamond that can vary from 0.10ct to 0.60ct. This ring is wearable on any occasion, resistant to impact because it can protect the stone, and not common thanks to its shape. This model starts from £290.25.

R300 is a suitable ring which can be gifted on a situations which has a classic shape, the so-called Valentine: the frame rises like a vortex from the down part to host the diamond, giving the impression it is bigger than the real carat weight. This model starts from £290.25.

What will be the match ring for a lively woman? A Solitaire Shoulder Set Ring! With a big central diamond surrounded by many small diamonds, like the R209 model will make the woman’s hand absolutely unique, without renouncing to elegance. This model starts from 606.52£.

The R284 model is suitable for women with a gentle personality, for adult women but also for younger women who do not want to renounce to elegance, which will be much more expressed in yellow gold. This model starts from 766.58£.

These are just some of the models ring offered by Infinity of London. We advise you to browse through our collections and to ask for real photos of the models that you like in order to make this purchase more aware.


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