The gemological report: what enhances our purchase.

The purchase of a jewel is a very important moment of our life: we want everything to be perfect and above all to have all the guarantees that our is a safe purchase. What drives us the most is the trust we have in the seller. If we know the jeweler, and we trust it, everything is much simpler. When we buy on the internet or in a jewelry that we do not know, what gives us the utmost confidence in proceeding with the purchase is the presence of a gemological certificate.

A gemological certificate is a real document of recognition of the diamond purchased: it shows a certificate number, the type of stone with the relative measures in millimeters, the carat weight, the color and the purity of the stone itself. The certificate in question is even more self-sufficient if issued by an independent body and not by the jeweler himself. Unlike these products, gemological certificates have an objective value compared to those found in a common jewelry shop.

Infinity of London also enhances the purchases of its customers with reports issued by independent laboratories such as IGS, GIA, HRD. Thanks to one of these certifications, it is certain that this is a diamond that respects the 'Kimberley Process Certification Scheme' and is therefore not bloodied. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme was introduced in 2003 with the aim of preventing the outbreak of civil wars by using funding from diamonds. This agreement has its origins in 2000 thanks to a conference in 2000 in the city of Kimberley (in South Africa) to discuss the problematic link between the production of diamonds and conflicts in the countries of origin.

There are clear requirements that must be met: that is, the profits of diamonds from some countries will not have to satisfy civil wars; each diamond exported must be accompanied by a certificate to document, in fact, the belonging to the Kimberley Process; no diamond must be imported or exported to or from a country that is not a member of that organization.


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