Silvery Collection: the luxury’s reinterpretation.

Infinity of London presents the new collection of 925 silver jewelry with a half-carat of Crystal Brillanté.

The Infinity Silvery Collection is a spokesperson for the company's motto: it is the result of a promise of love, the effect of wanting to give oneself to one's beloved, it is a consequence of love. Love, the noblest feeling, is the common thread that unites all the jewels created by Infinity of London.

Silver meets the high quality British tradition giving life to unique bijoux representing a valid alternative to the most classic gold jewelry with diamonds.

Opting for silver jewelry is not to be considered a minor choice compared to the purchase of gold jewelry: today the silver jewels give an impact of great effect to our eyes returning, for the happiness of the buyer, in a budget from £36.00 to £64.00.

The materials used by the Infinity of London’s goldsmiths are solid and last over time. The quality of silver is high: it is the alloy of 925 which has a very similar color to that of white gold and has a good resistance. The Crystal Brillanté mounted on the jewels come from the Dalloz group, one of the most important synthetic stone companies in the sector: they emit a very natural and apparently similar light to diamonds. They distinguish from other synthetic crystals for their high gloss quality, defined as fire.

Infinity of London reinterprets the iconic jewelry of its own tradition - like the R127 model or the classic R300 model - giving life to a refined and contemporary collection. Love is declined in all its possible forms through the sinuous lines of jewels. The Silvery Collection is a refined collection at affordable prices, made with the same skill used for gold jewelery.

The R127 model - available at - is the flagship of Infinity of London. This model is based on the ring created in the early '50s by Christian Dior. The original 925 silver frame of about 4 grams is framed on the front by embracing a half-carat Crystal Brillanté, an extremely white 5.00 mm stone suitable for both women: basic and not. A ring that is so new and innovative in its shape will be easily combined with different looks and also with the other jewels that we wear every day, such as the wedding ring or a necklace handed down by our grandmother.

On the other hand, if we look for a ring with more classic lines and immediately think about the 'Yes, I do', the R300 model is the right one for you who are planning to give an engagement ring to your beloved. The R300 - available at - is a classic model that rotates like a vortex on the front supporting a Crystal Brillanté of 5.00 mm. The 925 silver frame of about 4 grams enhances the stone making it look even bigger than its real size, thanks to the jagged embedding that leaves the gem more visible. With the R300 model it is hard to not get a bull’s eye. An idea to personalize and make unique your ring could be to engrave a love thought dedicated to the couple such as, for example, the engagement date or their initials interspersed with romantic hearts. For any type of request, our highly qualified staff will always be ready to advise you and assist you throughout the jewelry production phase.

The R128 model - available at - will be a real surprise for eyes! The 925 silver frame supports 15 Crystals Brillanté: the central one has a dimension of 5.00 mm, then a half carat of white light, surrounded by fourteen smaller Crystals divided on the right and on the left of the central stone. This model is an excellent combination of two choices of ring with a strong symbolic value, that of the eternal love: the solitaire ring - classic timeless for a marriage proposal - and a half eternity ring - the first ring that generally the boyfriend give to his woman-.

The Silvery Collection by Infinity of London arrives in spring bringing with it all the freshness of the beautiful season. She will be able to dress her own body with elegance, emanating from its soul a feeling of luxury and magnificence, telling her own story.

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