Valentine's Day and Infinity of London

Valentine's Day and Infinity of London


Valentine's Day is almost upon us. The party of lovers unites couples of all ages and generations, reminding them that there is nothing more beautiful than allowing themselves for one day the freedom to love each other unconditionally.

For many years now this party has entered the heart of all of us bringing a breath of air of love that only Valentine can give. The streets and shops are full of themed decorations, the restaurants organize romantic dinners to surprise their own half, the chocolate shops create heart-shaped sweets of every taste, even Infinity of London thinks of its customers creating unique offers through which it will be easy to celebrate one's love.

Infinity of London has been present in the ecommerce world for almost twenty years and boasts a truly unique collection of rings, necklaces and earrings. The customer service of Infinity of London is really expert and will guide you in every choice and indecision with simplicity and ability. The site is really intuitive and with just a few clicks you will set your favorite ring or pendant through simple steps, depending on your budget quality, purity and total carat diamonds and also the type of metal. Then there is also the Special Requests section that is right for you when you need to request a particular cut of diamonds or a certain gemological certificate or if you need your order in the shortest possible time if you have reduced at the last moment for the most important purchase of the year for your beloved. Infinity of London boasts an average of 4.95 / 5.00 reviews with excellent ratings from customers. Our priority is the satisfaction of customer requests, trying to provide a first-class jewel in the shortest possible time in the comfort of your own home.

Infinity of London launches a special discount for this Valentine's Day to all its customers who want to give a precious moment to their own half.

Now let's move on to choosing the right jewel. How to understand which one to gift? In previous posts we have treated different models that best match the different personalities of their woman. In fact, we recall the R127 model, a very simple but original solitary contrarié that embraces a diamond. This model is suitable for women who want to wear their ring every day without being afraid that the diamond can get caught in sweaters, gloves or coats. Here is the link of the ring . I remind you that you can customize the ring with different precious metals, carat weight and purities of diamonds.

We then talked about the R300 model, a timeless classic that never really goes out of fashion and that in my opinion any woman will appreciate. Its particular vortex shape raises the diamond making it bigger and more visible, making it just come out from your finger and making your hand really elegant. This type of model is suitable for women who do not want to go unnoticed and want their hand and their promise of love to be visible to everyone. I leave you below the link also for this model you can customize everything to your liking depending on your budget.

If, on the other hand, you want to choose a more particular but always elegant ring, then I would recommend the R295 model, available at this . This is a Cluster model available in the upper right section Rings > Cluster Rings. This model is really special as you have the ability to customize it as you wish. The central stone is a diamond that varies from 0.31ct up to 0.46ct, is also surrounded by small diamonds with a total weight of 0.14ct. The particularity of this model is that it is possible to replace the central stone with the emerald through the reference code R947, available at this link, or even with a ruby ??with the reference code R946 available at this link . Another solution is to replace the central stone with a beautiful sapphire that I personally love; I believe that the sapphire surrounded by diamonds makes the natural stones even whiter: the reference code is R945 available at . A Spanish customer F. L. asked us to replace the central stone with an equally precious stone, but to better respond to his budget, so we advised him to use a white beryllium. Beryllium is the mineral to which family belong emeralds, aquamarines, morganites. The most common beryllium is white, the typical green color of the emerald is caused by the chrome inclusions. However, the final result of the custom model ordered was absolutely spectacular and impressive.

A brand new model launched by Infinity of London is the solitaire R973 available in the Engagement > Solitaire Engagement Ring section and is on the fifth page. The link of the ring is the following . The model has a rather thick and higher band near the diamond so as to make it more protruding but at the same time linear. The peculiarity is that the six claws, the parts that support the diamond, are open like a V and also make a small-sized diamond large enough because it radiates the light projected by the diamond at 360°.

If, instead, you want to give a ring trilogy (which as mentioned in previous posts has the meaning of love past, present and future), as well as recommend the romantic model R273 with the heart-shaped setting available at https:, I would recommend the model R109 model whose reference link is . This ring model features three princess or carré or even square cut diamonds. The central diamond is larger and can start from 0.14ct up to 0.40ct, while the two side diamonds have the same carat weight of 0.16ct, then 0.08ct each, up to 0.60ct, then 0.30ct each, passing through three other measures and different carats.

Let's think about our man now. If we want to gift him a ring, the R197 model is very suitable, with a band similar to the wedding ring interrupted by a diamond available in different carats, from 0.10ct to 0.60ct. The reference link is the following .

Infinity of London, however, has many models of rings in white, yellow, rose gold (all in 18kt) and in platinum 950. The English company, based in Hatton Garden, the heart of the London goldsmith business, has launched for a year to this end the silver collection of its bestsellers of rings in order to embrace a wider circle of customers that does not want to give up the desire to possess a unique and special ring.

Another piece of advice I can give is to personalize your ring with a phrase of love engraved on it: you can engrave any sentence, initial of your names with romantic hearts or infinity symbols, the date of your first meeting, date of marriage or engagement; the choice is yours.

Anyway, whatever ring you want to give away, the important thing is that your choice is dictated by your own unique taste. The intrinsic meaning of love is given precisely by the gesture of giving a precious jewel singed by Infinity of London.

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