Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Just a few days to Valentine’s Day, and are we sure we have prepared everything to be able to surprise our half? Did we book the right restaurant, did we buy her favorite flowers, a sweet pack of chocolates and above all did we buy the jewel that makes her and his eyes shine?

Here at Infinity of London we are ready to give you tips and tricks to surprise the sweet half in the right way.

First of all, you need to set a budget. Infinity of London offers various opportunities to its customers, the lowest prices start at £70 with the collection in 925 silver with Crystal Cubic Zirconia and then move to that in 18kt gold with diamonds starting at £200.

I think that now stable couples can decide to give an engagement ring and think about proposing itself on Valentine's Day, there would be nothing more romantic to receive their marriage proposal on February 14th, right? We have given various advices in previous posts, on which are the models of solitaire, trilogy, eternity rings or cluster suitable for different personalities. Recall the original solitary contrarie’ symbol of Infinity of London (R127), or the classic solitaire Valentine with the code R300 , or the sparkling R295 with interchangeable central stone with diamond, sapphire, emerald or ruby; or even the complete bow with diamonds with the code R267, or even those half-eternity that are as romantic as that with princess-cut diamonds R142 or R145 for those looking for a more original design.

Of course if you are not ready for such a step, the same effect would be to give an elegant single stone pendant with diamond in 18kt white gold or 18kt yellow gold according to taste. Infinity of London offers various models of single stone pendants. The most classic is the P102, available at the following link , you will have the opportunity to choose whether to buy it with or without chain. For example, if your sweetheart already has a necklace that she or he wears every day you can decide to buy only the single stone pendant with diamond to accompany her or his already present pendant with chain. Or if you want to give a pendant from scratch, you can think of giving a diamond pendant with a matching chain, Infinity of London offers the opportunity to choose different necklaces that vary depending on the weight of gold and therefore change the price: there is that from about 1gr that costs £95 and that of 1.5gr that costs £142,50.

There is also the so-called donut pendant that Infinity of London frames as with the code P103, available at the link , which has the particularity of passing the chain inside the frame in 18kt gold, or there is the similar model P125, of which I leave the link , which instead has the possibility to let the chain pass through the hoop of the donut (that is the part where the chain passes) in the shape of a V through which precisely passes the necklace. Together with the pendant with diamonds you can think of completing the whole set with elegant earrings in 18kt gold with diamonds as the classic four-claw light point earrings that leave a very glimpse of the diamond that go under the code E101, available at the following link  . This model is also suitable for a choice of carats of small diamonds because the particular frame and setting make it look like even a small-sized diamond bigger than its real features. Then there is the so-called donuts model that has more gold in the frame emphasizing the whole diamond with a thick line of gold: these earrings have the code E107, and they are available at the following link . Then there is the model of earrings called framed, where there is much more metal around the diamond and the type of embedding gives more support to the stone. The code of these earrings is E103 . Another model always claw, but with a small difference in the frame, much more appreciable on the side is that it does not have some lines between the frame and the diamond, as would happen in the above E101. I'm talking about the models of E106 earrings, available at the following link . There is another type of chopped earrings model with the difference that these have much more gold around the diamond and I refer to the E117 model, available at the link . Finally there is a model that is completely different from the others: it has much more geometric shapes and the closure of the frame, the so-called butterfly is larger than normal. I'm talking about the E139 model, available at . Personally I prefer the model E101 because I find it versatile both on important occasions such as ceremonies and on daily occasions such as days at work or to wear during a dinner with your beloved.

If instead you want to opt for a silver necklace, the highlight of the Infinity of London collection, is the padlock-shaped necklace with a small key included symbol of the love that is retained by the person who will receive it with all due respect he needs. The peculiarity is that on the back it is possible to engrave a romantic phrase or the initials of your names called out by hearts. The link of the series is the following .

Whatever the gift you want to think for your own half is important to choose the one that best reflects your personality and above all that symbolizes the period of your relationship. Infinity of London will guide you in your choice.

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