How much to spend on wedding rings?

How much to spend on wedding rings?

For everyone, sooner or later comes the time for the choice of wedding rings. With Infinity of London it's easy because there are a variety of models suitable for any budget and which are also suitable for different tastes.

The choice of wedding rings is very important because these rings will accompany us throughout life, as well as our partner. After having booked the wedding catering, the flowers, the clothes, it's time to choose the rings of our life. Since Roman times it was customary to wear a circular-shaped jewel on the left ring finger which is the finger through which the so-called vena amoris passes.

There are some steps to consider before buying your wedding bands.

First of all you have to buy both, the choice must be unanimous. Very often, however, witnesses are giving the wedding rings to the bride and groom. But this should not discourage the true protagonists of marriage. The witnesses, can give the wedding rings, but the bride and groom will have to choose them according to their own tastes.

In the event that you choose and buy wedding bands, it is very important to establish a budget within which to stay and communicate it to your trusted jeweler who will obviously propose you the ones that are closer to your spending limit. Prices range from £300 up to £5,000, for example diamonds and platinum 950.

It is good to move ahead with the purchase of your wedding bands, especially if you marry in a period of high season, so let's say, where there is great demand for weddings and consequently of faiths. There is also to consider the production times and the possible engraving that if processed can take longer than expected. I recommend starting to go around the various jewelers five months before the big 'Yes, I do'.

Now let's see in this case the models of wedding bands to choose from, very often it happens that the spouses do not agree on the choice of the wedding rings and why not, we could opt for two different rings models. Nowadays it is very popular to choose models that differ but make them similar with the engravings inside or with the choice of a diamond on the band of the ring.

Finally, the choice of the model. Infinity of London offers its bride and groom three types of wedding models available in the Wedding Rings section, at the following link . The model is defined as classic or comfortable and is available in 18kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold and 950 platinum. Usually the wedding rings are chosen in 18kt yellow gold but in my opinion even in 18kt rose gold they are really particular, but perhaps less suitable for man or groom. Platinum 950 certainly has more resistance over time but tends to lose its lucidity compared to 18kt yellow gold, so it should be repainted by its retailer who usually should not be able to pay the cost to the couple.

The first model that presents Infinity of London is the 3.50mm thickness available at the following link . The code is WD001, whose thickness is 2.50mm. The weight is about 4 grams of gold and the price is really affordable £357.13, considering that those who contact Infinity of London directly contact the production workshop without intermediaries costs as they could meet in a common jewelry, so the sales prices correspond at half compared to the list. Not to mention the jewelers, where the prices are four times higher than the ones from Infinity of London.

The code WD002, however, belongs to the model of wedding ring always classic with a thickness of 4.50mm. This is the model that we tend to recommend more because the ratio between the height of 2.50mm and the thickness is really appropriate. The link of the model is the following . The weight is about 5gr and the cost is £409.80.

The last model that we offer goes under the code WD003 and is available at the following link . The thickness of this wedding band is 6.50mm and the height is 2.50mm. The weight is about 7gr and is really an important wedding ring, for couples who do not want to go unnoticed. Usually 7gr are chosen because it is a fair compromise between the lightest 5gr and the heaviest 10gr.

However, all our models of wedding rings can be customized as best we can, for example with the choice of inserting a diamond on that of the woman, or why not, also on that of the man. Or you can think of choosing for the woman to complete the whole wedding ring with diamonds that would make the ring even more special.

If among the various models proposed, you should not find what makes your heart beat, no problem. Infinity of London will be delighted to create unique and special models for you through the Bespoke Jewels section, which is the section that allows you to send photos or pattern designs that you would like to wear for a lifetime. Infinity of London and its team will live up to any idea.

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