Caring for your diamond

Try not wearing your diamond if you are doing rough work. Diamonds are extremely durable but a hard blow along the grain can easily chip them.
Keep your diamonds separate as diamonds can scratch other diamonds.

Various products can contribute to your diamond becoming dull for example skin oils, soup, cosmetics, grease or cooking oils. Regular cleaning of your diamond every 1 - 3 months will help keep them shinning and looking stunning.

Cleaning Your Diamond

Clean diamonds reflect light better and actually look bigger than dirty ones. So regular cleaning is the key to keeping your diamonds in sparkling condition. There are various recommended ways of cleaning your diamond: 

Professional Cleaning 

This is the best option for maintaining your diamond as clean as it can be. We recommend at least once a year having your diamond cleaned and checked by jewellery professionalsâ??to make sure there are no loose claws or wear to the settings. 

Liquid Detergent 

It is possible to clean your diamond in the sink - but please remember to make sure the plug is in! You can soak your diamond in warm, soapy water using a mild liquid detergent. Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the diamond while it`s in the water. Afterwards rinse the jewellery under warm running water and pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Ammonia & Water 

Soak your jewellery in a solution of half ammonia and half cold water for approximately 30 minutes. Take out the jewellery and clean gently with a small soft brush. Finally, rinse with clean water and dry with tissue paper or lint-free cloth. 

Jewellery Cleaner 

You can use liquid jewellery cleaner from the shops as long as you carefully follow the instructions. Try to choose a brand name cleaner where possible. 

Free Cleaning 

If you return your ring to us once during the first year, we will gladly clean and check your ring for you free of charge.

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