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How Much To Spend On Wedding Rings?

How much to spend on wedding rings?

For everyone, sooner or later comes the time for the choice of wedding rings. With Infinity of London it's easy because there are a variety of models suitable for any budget and which are also suitable for different tastes.

The choice of wedding rings is very important because these rings will accompany us throughout life, as well as our partner. After having booked the wedding catering, the flowers, the clothes, it's tim...


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Just a few days to Valentine’s Day, and are we sure we have prepared everything to be able to surprise our half? Did we book the right restaurant, did we buy her favorite flowers, a sweet pack of chocolates and above all did we buy the jewel that makes her and his eyes shine?

Here at Infinity of London we are ready to give you tips and tricks to surprise the sweet half in the right way.

First of all, you need to set a budget. I...


The Perfect Marriage Proposal

The perfect marriage proposal

The marriage proposal is perhaps one of the most unique and romantic moments of our life, which manages to sweeten the coldest of hearts. Buying an engagement ring is the first step to take on this special occasion of our life. After having purchased the engagement ring with Infinity of London and having personalized it even with a sentence engraved inside the stem...


Bespoke Jewels

Bespoke Jewels

Today we will talk about the special section of Infinity of London, named those of the Bespoke Jewels or Bespoke Design. In this special section, available at the bottom of the home page and at the following link , you can create magnificent pieces of unique jewelry.

I'll explain how it works. If in our vast collection of jewelry you have not found...


4’s C

4’s C


The choice of a ring is complicated because there are many different models and combinations of diamonds, cuts, carats, color and clarity. How do we manage this purchase, especially if we are few informed and if we are buying on the internet at a jewelry store that sells in the varied world of ecommerce?

To deal with these doubts, we can rely on simple steps and instructions to follow in order to buy the best jewel depending on ou...


Valentine's Day And Infinity Of London

Valentine's Day and Infinity of London


Valentine's Day is almost upon us. The party of lovers unites couples of all ages and generations, reminding them that there is nothing more beautiful than allowing themselves for one day the freedom to love each other unconditionally.

For many years now this party has entered the heart of all of us bringing a breath of air of love that only Valentine can give. The streets and shops are full of themed de...


Solitaire Rings At Amazing Prices!

Solitaire rings unbeatable prices! Infinity of London, a British company founded in the 2000s, creates collections with more competitive prices than jewelry shops by offering certified diamonds. Price starts from 290.25£, visit our website and browse our collections!

What are the fair prices for Solitaire Rings? The solitaire ring is the first ring that is given to a woman to swear eternal love. Th...


Infinity Ring: The Eternal Bond Of Infinity Of London

The Infinity ring is the symbol of the continuity of a bond and lasting feelings. Completely handmade in 925 silver and embellished with Crystal Brillanté it is the perfect gift to celebrate the eternal bond that unites us to the person to whom this gift is destined. This jewel is available in the silver section


Silvery Collection: The Luxury’s Reinterpretation.

Infinity of London presents the new collection of 925 silver jewelry with a half-carat of Crystal Brillanté.

The Infinity Silvery Collection is a spokesperson for the company's motto: it is the result of a promise of love, the effect of wanting to give oneself to one's beloved, it is a consequence of love. Love, the noblest feeling, is the common thread that unites all the jewels created by Infinity of London.

Silver meets the high quality British tradition giving li...


The Gemological Report: What Enhances Our Purchase.

The purchase of a jewel is a very important moment of our life: we want everything to be perfect and above all to have all the guarantees that our is a safe purchase. What drives us the most is the trust we have in the seller. If we know the jeweler, and we trust it, everything is much simpler. When we buy on the internet or in a jewelry that we do not know, what gives us the utmost confidence in proceeding with the purchase is the presence of a gemological certificate.

A gemologic...

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