Cross With Diamonds: A Passepartout Gift

Cross with diamonds: a passepartout gift

In today's post we will face one of the best sellers of our collection: the cross with diamonds. This jewel is unique and certainly suitable for both men and women and above all versatile as it can be worn on any occasion and given as gifts on various occasions.


When to give the cross with diamonds? I believe that the most suitable occasion is that of the baptism. The cross precisely recalls God and his death and rebir...


Mother's Day: A Special Occasion

Mother's Day: a special occasion

 Mother's Day is just around the corner and all of us sons and daughters should honor our mothers with a special gift. Today, at Infinity of London, we will deal with how to organize the perfect party for women who will love us for life.


Mother's Day has its origins in the Greek and Roman world where mothers and female divinities were celebrated with links to fertility. In medieval times, on the other hand, traces of the ...


Full Eternity Ring: The Ring For Every Occasion

Full eternity ring: the ring for every occasion

The full eternity ring is a passpartout ring that can be worn both daily and on special occasions such as those of a wedding, job interview, romantic dinner or evening with friends.

The full eternity ring is a ring with five, seven or nine diamonds or even the one with round diamonds that vary in size and size and even cut, in fact there is a brilliant round, princess square or even oval cut. It is not clear f...


Setting: The Different Types

Setting: the different types

When we buy a jewel, we are enraptured by the type of setting of the jewel. It is precisely the setting that makes one jewel unique and different on the other. A jewel with round-cut diamonds differs quite a lot if set in beat or claw. Let's see, now, specifically the different types of existing frames.

Infinity of London proposes in its website, for each je...


Marriage Proposal: Steps To Follow


Set Of Jewels Coordinated With Each Other

Set of jewels coordinated with each other

We all ask ourselves which set of jewels is coordinated with each other best suited to our personality or more suitable for the loved one. Infinity of London is for you because it can satisfy every request and above all even the most limited spending budgets in case you want to surprise your counterpart effectively and without giving up the twist.

Which set of coordinated jewels can I choose?



Where's The Best Place To Buy A Diamond Ring?

Where's the best place to buy a diamond ring?

When buying a piece of jewelry, it is always necessary to evaluate the purpose for which we are buying. Do we want our diamond or jewel to be an investment or a personal gift or for a loved one? I, at my clients, always advise, when we are thinking about an investment, to buy something that has a certain value then diamonds or jewels with diamonds of a quality superior or equal to color F and of equal or higher purity V...


How To Clean Your Jewelry With Diamonds?

How to clean your jewelry with diamonds?

The daily use of jewelry tends over time to dirty and make our much loved jewel more opaque and less polished. Even dust, smog, the use of creams, detergents can cause the loss of platination of the same.

If you can not go to our jeweler of trust to make us float the jewel, there are Caslinghi methods but equally effective, and above all at no cost, which can bring the jewel back to the beauty of when we bought it.


Infinity Of London: The Soul Of The City.

Infinity of London: the soul of the city.

The story of Infinity of London comes from love for jewelry. In fact, in the 1990s, David Hoffner, master goldsmith ''of those who are no longer’’ had a shop-laboratory in London where he could work the jewels, his true passion. Today, David helps his sons in the jewelry Infinity of London.

A traditional jewelry store located in Hatton Garden, in the historic goldsmith center of London: a privileged posi...


How Much To Spend On Wedding Rings?

How much to spend on wedding rings?

For everyone, sooner or later comes the time for the choice of wedding rings. With Infinity of London it's easy because there are a variety of models suitable for any budget and which are also suitable for different tastes.

The choice of wedding rings is very important because these rings will accompany us throughout life, as well as our partner. After having booked the wedding catering, the flowers, the clothes, it's tim...

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