The Precious Metals Chosen By Infinity Of London.

Infinity of London has chosen as metals, to welcome its diamonds and colored stones, two of the most precious in nature: gold and platinum.

These are the most used metals in the creation of jewels because they are shock resistant, offer protection to stones and are easily malleable. Moreover, in its pure state it maintains its splendor and its shine. It seems that the first gold nuggets were extracted in 3000 BC.

In addition to being used in jewelry, gold is also used as a ...


How A Jewel Is Born: The Setting.

After the finishing phase of a jewel, there is the setting phase of diamonds or colored stones. We met Robert L., a jewelery setter for years who, after working for the most important jewelery brands, stopped at Infinity of London where he finished the assembly of jewelry, such as engagement rings like solitaire in white gold or as a trilogy in white gold with diamonds.

Robert explains that his work can last from one hour to three hours, depending on the number of stones to be moun...


How A Jewel Borns: The Mounting Of Raw Gold.

After taking care of the gold casting phase of the jewelry models, we now take care of the cleaning of them.

We met for this purpose, a pillar of the workshops of Infinity of London: Sean, the first goldsmith to work for the British company. Sean explains us that he started this job when he was very young, leaning on his father's workbench, helped by a little support to be able to watch his father working.

Sean told us about his work experiences that he always loved, where ...


Gem Talks: Rubies.

The red stone, symbol par excellence of love and passion is one of the hardest natural gems in existence: it is ruby. The stone is part of the family of corundums, the mineral class with greater hardness and owes its red color thanks to the presence of chromium. Ruby is formed in metamorphic rocks from contact with sediments rich in aluminum and dolomite marbles. The presence of rutile needles inside it determines the typical phenomenon of asterism. Thanks to a certain light, it is possibl...


The Perfect Gift For Christmas.

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift is not always an easy task, especially for those people or engaged couples who have known each other for a long time, since they have already gifted more or less everything.

Infinity of London offers the opportunity to get at home with the convenience of e-commerce the perfect gift, in 24/48 hours and with a free shipping throughout Europe. The English company, for years a leader in the jewelery sales sector with unbeatable prices and with an exc...


Tennis Bracelets: Luxury For Everyone.

The tennis bracelet was first called an eternity bracelet because it consists of an unbroken diamond thread with a concealed fastening. He then assumed this name in 1987 when tennis player Chris Evert suddenly lost his diamond bracelet during a tennis Open match. He interrupted the games and explained that he wanted to resume them only once he found his bracelet. It was at that time that it was understood to change the closure and create clamps on the sides that made it difficult to lose. ...


Gem Talks: Sapphires

Sapphires are recognized for their intense blue color, fascinating men and women by their character.

The sapphire name comes from the Latin "sappheiros", meaning blue. Some make it from Hebrew "sappir" (precious stone) or Sanskrit "sanipriya". Used to describe a dark precious stone, "sanipriya" means "sacred to Saturn" and this etymology would be credited with the fact that, in Indian astrological beliefs, Sapphire is considered the gem of Saturn. In the past, "sappheiros" was usua...


How A Jewel Is Born - The Gold Casting

Two posts ago we talked about the 3D graphics production, the first step in producing a jewel. The next step is the cast of the models in gold, we will just deal with it now.

We met Malcolm S. working in our Infinity of London’s labs in Hatton Garden from the very first moments. Malcolm told us that he had attended elementary school classes with David Hoffner, one of the founders, and then lost sight until they met after much time at the time of the interview.



The Right Trilogy Ring - How To Choose?

A trilogy ring represents the perfect gift for the loved person as it represents the past, the present and the future of the bond with the three diamonds that it consists of: it means, I loved you, I love you and I will love you. Usually, it is gift for the seventh wedding anniversary, after the couple has passed the famous seven-year crisis. It is also gifted to celebrate the birth of the first child so as to symbolize the couple and their baby.

The trilogy, however, is used in ma...


How A Jewel Is Born - 3D Graphics Production

The production of a jewel requires long times and numerous phases that are often underestimated, but each of them is essential and vital for the ultimate success of each product. Today, we will take the first step to produce a jewel of Infinity of London: the 3D graphic design of a jewel.

We met one of the senior designers at Infinity of London, Thomas R., to whom we asked questions to get in the production live.

I spent a day with Thomas in his studio at Hatton Garden, the...

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